Choose from a range of treatments to relax, rejuvenate and restore in the hands of a highly skilled therapist. Contact us for how we can bring these wonderful therapies to your workplace, or click on qualified therapists to experience a treatment near you.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has its roots in the ancient healing system of Ayurveda and has become one of the most popular therapies available today. A treatment includes massage of the upper body – back/shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, face, also energy balancing. Indian Head Massage is unique – a treatment is short, convenient, accessible and effective. There is no need to undress and the use of oil is optional at the end of a treatment.

A professional Indian Head Massage treatment can have a profound effect on the body and emotions. A treatment can be used to relieve conditions such as headaches, hair loss, and dandruff, muscular tension in the upper body, sinus problems, as well as lifting depression, promoting restful sleep and relieving stress.

Hands on Training has a team of highly experienced therapist offering workplace treatments. Many companies benefit from regular sessions to ease away staff stress, promote motivation and well-being, and to support health awareness days or other promotional events. Contact us for details.

Natural Facial

Enjoy the benefits of a truly natural facial treatment that consists of cleansing the face and neck with a gentle plant-based cream, toning with aromatic waters, a warm aromatic compress to open the pores, a nutritious face pack and a specialised massage sequence using plant based oils. Natural products are selected to suit individual skin types and are hugely beneficial in achieving a smooth, revitalised complexion. We also offer products for home use so you can also fully embrace the benefits of natural skin care.

Natural Face Lift Massage

Natural Face Lift Massage includes cleansing the face and neck, toning with aromatic waters following by a massage with specialised ‘lifting’ techniques with specially selected the use of plant and aromatic oils. It is designed to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve muscle tone and promote a vibrant radiant appearance. We also offer products for home use so you can also fully embrace the benefits of natural skin care.

Ear Candling

Our ancestors left an incredible legacy of healing knowledge and many of their practices have been rediscovered for use in the modern age; one such healing tool is the ancient art of Ear Candling. This fascinating therapy is soothing and helpful for conditions experienced by many of us – such as headaches, migraines, compacted ear wax, glue ear, tinnitus, sinus problems, pressure problems and more. It is also a very relaxing therapy in its own right and helpful with the treatment of stress. A full treatment requires a pair of specialised ‘candles’ to be used in the ears, followed by massage of the face, scalp, neck and ears. A full treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.


Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic essential oils for both physical and psychological well being. The oils are aromatic, volatile substances which have been extracted from various natural sources such as flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, tree barks and roots. The oils are made up of components which have healing properties. Once these have entered the system (through the skin with massage or the lungs in inhalation) they can begin their healing work and improve a whole variety of conditions. Various oils have been found to increase vitality, alleviate tension and fight infection. Their benefits include strengthening and supporting the immune system, stimulating the removal of damaging chemicals, boosting circulation and uplifting the emotions. Holistic Aromatherapy is about selecting the essential oils which are best suited to the individual at that time. Each person requires a unique blend of essences, so your first visit will include a consultation. Following this, the essential oils which best suit you at that time are selected and blended, then applied in combination with therapeutic massage.


Reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years by many great civilizations including the Egyptians, Chinese and the native American Indians. Reflexology works on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond and connect to all the glands and organs of the body. By using gentle pressure techniques to stimulate these reflexes the body is encouraged to heal itself naturally, often counterbalancing a lifetime of misuse.

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